Rozza Whiskers

Rozza Whiskers

Yes of the Hooligans
Date of Birth
October 14, 2008
Ella and Thundercat
Gump, Pumplemousse, McGee, Enili and Popple
VHGM001, VHGM002, VHGF003, VHGF004 and VHGF005 etc...etc....
Known For
First dominant male of the Hooligans


Rozza(VWM131) was born on October 14, 2008 in the Whiskers. His mother was Ella and his father was Thundercat. Roozza had two other brothers named Gump(VWM132) and Pumplemousse(VWM134), as well as three sisters named McGee(VWF130), Enili(VWF133) and Popple(VWF136). All six pups survived their first three months. On January 4, 2009 Ella gave birth to four pups named Minaji, Pitio, Marxx and VWM137. In March of 2009, The Kung Fu attacked the Whiskers. During the confusion, Pamplemousse and Popple were seperated from the rest of the Whiskers. They were Last Seen a month later but both reappeared in a wild group called the Puff Adders. In April 2009, VWM137 was presumed to have been predated. Rozza and his remaining litter-mates survived to adulthood. He started to babysit, take sentry and rove at other groups. He wasn't much of a rover and stayed at home keeping watch. His sisters started to mate with rovers at the age of two and were evicted by his mother. Rozza finally went roving along with his younger brothers Pitio, Mimaji, Marxx, Princess Madcat and Moe. When the males were returning, they came across three evicted Whiskers females, Enili, McGee and Rosco. They joined the females and were unable to rejoined the Whiskers.


The Whiskers males stayed with the females and became known as the Outsiders. The oldest females McGee and Enili competed for dominance and both held the dominant female position. Rozza and the other males didn't stay for long and started roving. While they were away a singal Moomins male named Grubby joined the group upon their return and became the dominant male. Rozza stayed in the Outsiders to help with babysitting and sentry duties. He stayed in the group for over a year before taking to roving again with his brothers Gump, Marx Pitio and Princess Madcat.


The males soon came across a small Sequoia splinter group known as the Hooligans. There were no adult males so the Whisker boys found it easy to join. The only adult female Nik Nak had already estabilshed dominance. Rozza and Gump were of the same age and size but Rozza didn't find much competition from his brother. Rozza became the domiannt male and mated with Nik Nak. She soon gave birth to VHGM001, VHGM002, VHGF003, VHGF004 and VHGF005 on March 25, 2012. Rozza is still the dominant male of the Hooligans today.


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