Roxx Rockkats


Wild and Rockkats
Yes, of the Rockkats
Date of Birth
Probably Ayrcon
Rosy Rockkats, Helena Rockkats, Sunburn Rockkats, JoJo Rockkats, Garoto Rockkats, Jo Jo Ling Rockkats, etc.
Known For
Dominant male of the Rockkats


Roxx (VRKM001) was born in a wild mob. His mother and his father were probably the dominant couple of the group. His sibblings are unknwon, maybe Ayrcon. He stayed in the group, but left to rove with Ayrcon and Colin. They were first seen roving in the Van Helsing, at February,2010, but were chased away by the dominant male Titan. They rove in the Aztecs and Pandora, but then disapired, until August, 2011 whe they across three evicted females of the Whiskers, Penetrant, Lizzy and Sparkle.


The meerkats form a new mob named the Rockkats. Colin was the younger one so, he didn´t fought for the dominance. Roxx and Ayrcon fought for the dominance, but Roxx was bigger and finally won, however he was very injured like Ayrcon, but he was seen acting as dominant male. He soon recovered and became the mate of the female winner Penetrant. He mated with Penetrant, but his two brothers mated with Sparkle and Lizzy. However Penetrant soon gave birth to four pups, Rosy (VRKF006), Helena (VRKF007), Sunburn (VRKM008) and JoJo (VRKM009) in November 19, 2011. Probably this wasn´t his first litter ever. Ayrcon left the group and form the Marcial Eagles. No longer after Penetrant became pregneat again by Roxx too. In January 9, 2012, Penetrant gave birth to five pups, Garoto (VRKM010), Jo Jo Ling (VRKF011), VRKM012, Demeter (VRKF013) and Raymond (VRKM014). His son VRKM012 was killed by a birth of prey the next month and Ayrcon re-joined the mob. His brothers start to rove. In April Penetrant was pregneat by him, but aborted. In September Penetrant was very pregneat by him. His brothers returned on October, 2012 of the long time of rove, but didn´t challenge him. Finally in November 19, 2012 Penetrant gave birth to a large litter of seven pups: Black Eye (VRKM018), Ginger Bread (VRKF019), Beauty Fan (VRKF020), VRKP021, Peanut Butter (VRKM022), VRKP023 and Darkside (VRKM024). Sadly his unnamed pups died. Roxx still in the Rockkats as their dominant male.


Rockkats Mob

Penetrant Whiskers

Ayrcon Rockkats