Rosie Earthstorm

Rosie Earthstorm

Yes of the Upgrade
Date of Birth
First Seen December 2008
Pearl , Charles, Simon, Brittney, Annie , Oscar, Jerry, , Diana , Upgrade , Randy and Ms.Juile
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Upgrade


Rosie(VESF004) was born in a wild mob. Her mother may have been the dominant female and her father the dominant male. Her litter-mates may never be unknown. She survived to adulthood and started babysitting and taking sentry. She was evicted by the dominant female in 2008 along with nine other females.


They joined five wild males and formed the Earthstorm Mob. The group wa slocated in December 2008 but probably formed before because the dominant female was pregnant. She gave birth to next month.Rosie soon became pregnant for the first time in July 2009.Rosie gave birth to Pearl, Charles, Simon and Brittney.They were her first litter ever. Rosie remained in the Earstorms for two years then ws evicted in early 2010 along with Angie, Gwen, Millie, Jenet and Chutney. They didn't rejoin the group but instead joined five wild males.


They stayed together and formed the Upgrade Mob. Rosie assumed female dominance right away without any trouble. Wild male Mitchel, who was the biggest and most likely the oldest of the males, assumed the role of dominant male. Rosie gave birth Annie, Oscar, Jerry, and Robert on May 24, 2010. All four pups survived. Chutney was predated by a jackal in July. Rosie got pregnant again and evicted Angie, Dasy and Gwen. She gave birth to Diana, Upgrade, Randy and Ms. Juile on October 10, 2010. While evicted Angie was predated by a hawk. The other females rejoined the group. Rosie is still the dominant female today.


Earthstorm Mob

Upgrade Mob

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