Spud Whiskers(VWM078)

Rodriguez Edit

Rodriguez(VVHM001) was a wild meerkat from an unknown origin mob. He and his two other roving males Tian and Plonker soon left their natal group to find females from other groups. He was the leader of his roving coaltion. Rodriguez and his group soon came across a group of evicted Kung Fu females in 2008. The two parties stayed together and formed the foundation of a new group. It took a short while for the group to be habituated and was called, the Van Helsing. The new group then established a territory. Rodriguez soon established himself as dominant male of the group. The position of dominant female was taken by Odysseus. Rodriguez and Odysseus were the leaders of the Van Hesing for six months. Rodriguez fathred two of Odysseus' litters. After being dominant male for six months, Rodriguez started to be challeged by the other male called, Tian. Rodriguez lost the fight and lost dominance to Tian. After the lose of his dominant position he was soon bullied by the other males mercilessly. He soon left the group to rove. He migrated into a group called, the Xhosa but was not about to gain any dominant male position there and the dominant male of the Xhosa, Azdrondtik, chased him out of the group. Rodriguez soo continued roving and was not seen again but has probably migrated into another group.

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