Rioja Rascals
Yes of the Voyager
Date of Birth
September 31, 2008
Blondie and Hoki
Sancerre, Grigio, Saignee and Fritz
Black Jack
VRRF129, King, Lazy Useless B**tard, Omi, Raimundo, Jack Spicer, Kimiko, Jackie, Izen, Matt, Digit and Widget
Known For
Dominant Female of the Voyager


Rioja(VRRF118) was born on September 31, 2008 in the Rascals mob. Her mother was Blondie and her father was a wild male named Hoki. Her litter-mates were Sancerre(VRRF116), three brothers named Grigio(VRRM120), Saignee(VRRM117) and Fritz(VRRM119). They survived to asulthood. Blondie gave birth to another litter of five pups and Tooey gave birth to three the next year. Rioja was a year old and started to babysit. Her brothers Saignee and Fritz left the group to rove with their uncle, a wild male named Indus. They left the group and joined a new one. Tooey left the group with other females and Islay returned. Bloodie died and Islay became the dominant female but died a month later. Sancerre become the new dominant female over Rioja. She got pregnant and killed her sisters pups. Rioja gave birth to VRRF129, King and Lazy Useless B**tard on Janaury 15, 2010. She aborted her litter however. The next time Sancerre got pregnant she evicted Rioja, Vela, Lyra, Ara and VRRF129, only Ara rejoined the group. The other four females were seen in the company of three Frisky rovers.


The group was called the Voyager Mob. One of the Frisky males named Black Jack took the position of dominant male without any trouble. As the oldest of the females Rioja easily became the dominant female. Soon Rioja became pregnant. She moved the mob near the Pikmin and once they spotted the much bigger group and ran before the Pikmin noticed them in their territory. During the first three months the Vorager mob had moved a lot. On March 12, 2010 Rioja gave birth to Omi, Raimundo, Jack Spicer and Kimiko. Rioja made a burrow move and they headed to the Fandango Mob's territory, however the group moved away from the much larger mob. On August 21, 2010 Rioja gave birth to Jackie, Inez and Matt. Than on Janaury 14, 2010 she gave birth to Digit and Widget. Her pups survived and she moved the mob again father away. The moved near a wild group, Ragnarok Mob and Cheetah. Rioja and Black Jack are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Blondie

Father: Grus

Sister: Sancerre

Brothers: Grigio, Saignee and Fritz

Mate: Brambley


First litter born on March 21, 2010 fathered by Brambley

Jackie (VVYF005)

Izen (VVYF006)

Matt (VVYM007)

Second litter born on July 14, 2010 fathered by Brambley

Digit (VVYF008)

Widget (VVYF009)


Rascals Mob

Voyager Mob