Richard(VVM108) was bon in the Vivian Mob on September 29, 2004. His mother was Rhian and his father was Jim Bob. He had one litter-mate sister named Judy(VVF107). The survived to adulthood. His sisters Velvet, Viv'e, Uacari, Mangabey and Sifaka were evicted by Rhian when she was pregnant with him and had joined the Balrog. The Vivian were a big group at the times and had many encounters with their rivals the Lazuli and Whiskers. They won many battles. Richard soon got little siblings when Rhian gave birth again. He remained in the Vivian for two years the he left the group to rove.


Richard went roving with his brothers Hannibal, Kudu, Boba, Jabba, Daffyd, Emily Howard, Balders and Currey Fuzz. They joined the Balrog group. Hannibal, Kudu and Boba were the oldest males and fought for dominance. Boba won and became the dominant male. The other males remained in the group for a month and then started to rove. Hannibal, Kudu, Richard, Daffyd, Emily Howard and Balders left the group. They roved at the Gattaca. Daffyd, Emily Hoard and Balders joined the group. Hannibal, Kudo and Richard rekoined the Vivian. Hannibal and Kubo left the Vivian a month later with Chino and joined the Commandos. Richard left the group soo after Rhian died. He roved alone at another group far away from the Vivian. This grou had no unrelated dominant male and many males left tor rove. Richard easily joined the group.


He joined the Doppelganger Mob. The New dominant female was Amber. He became her mate. She soon gave birth to their first litter of four pups on November 16, 2006. The pups were named Rudy, Zircon, Topaz and Saffire.

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