Rex Vexos


Formerly of the Animaniacs
Date of Birth
March 16, 2005
Naga and Volt
Vulcan and Triclod
Spritzer, Flamiel, Duanne, Baloney, Wally Llama, Slappy and Skippy
Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Animaniacs


Rex(VVXM021) was born on March 16, 2005 in the Vexos. His mother was the new dominant female Naga and his father was the dominant male Volt. He was born in a litter of three with one sister named Triclod(VVXF020) and one brother named Vulcan(VVXM0022). His mother was from the Pegasus Mob and she and four other females had joined the Vexos kicking out the last two adult females. Naga had established dominance along with Volt, a Vexos born male. Rex was born in the first litter born to the new dominant pair of the Vexos. The group was small but Rex's was the dominant pair's son so he was well looked after. All three pups survived to adulthood. Rex startstarted to babysit, take gaurd duty and go roving with the other males. Rex stayed in the mobs for two years and became one of the oldest males in the group. If his father died, He or his brother Vulcan would become the next dominant male. However he left the Vexows for good in November 2007 along with his brother Vulcan and younger brother Boriates.


The three Vexos males ran into some evicted females and formed the Animaniacs Mob. Vulcan and Rex competed for dominance however Rex was ousted by Vulcan. Rex remained a subordinate and often went roving. In October 2008 Rex challanged his brother for the dominant male position and managed to overthrow him. Rex became the new dominant male and the dominant female Melissa accepted him as her new mate and soon became pregnant. On Janaury 12, 2008 Melissa gave birth to Spritzer, Flamiel and Duanne fathered by Rex. A few months later on May 22, 2008 Melissa gave birth to Baloney, Wally Llama, Slappy and Skippy. Only three days after the litter was born Vulcan and Rex competed for dominance and Vulcan reclaimed his title as the dominant male. Rex returned to being a subordinante however he often roved. In September 2010, Rex finally left the group.


Vexos Mob

Animaniacs Mob

Vulcan Vexos

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