Nowhearts Tribe
Not mentioned
Current Group/Tribe
Nowhearts Tribe
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Not mentioned
Westin, Jameson, Maverik, Katey, Sue, Lee, Kirion, Helga, Matzy, Mark, Dusty and Blard.
Known For
Russle's adopted father and Maya's mate
Charactor Significance/Allegiance
Minor Good
Death Date and Cause
No specific date Old age

Recoff was Maya's mate that she took after she joined the Nowhearts Tribe after being banished from the Hunters. They had eleven biological children and three that were adopted from Maya's birth group. Recoff was a good fatherly figure to all of his children and all of his real pups remained in the Nowhearts, where they took to work and raised their own families. However, his son Westin was killed by Augura, who tried to take him as her mate but he refused. Recoff was part of the justices who tracked her down but before her punishment could begin, she made her escape and took over as the dominate female in a rogue group that Recoff would have to fight off later on. His adopted daughters, Lucidia Cobra, Russle and Lacky, all eventually left the tribe for unknown resons but he did not try to stop them as he was a willing supporter for them to chase thier dreams. As far as he knew, Lucidia was headed to the far south to explore the unchartered range below the southern kingdom. She left at the young age of four and was not seen agian. His other daughters, Russle, the tribe's tyrant, and Lacky, her loyal follower, both left with their group of friends one day. Recoff did not know why they left, but told anyone who asked that they were out, chasing thier dreams. In his later days, he helped his sons and daughters raise his grandchildren and continued to serve the tribe and soon became one of the high elders before, on one cold winter night, he died in his burrow from old age after leading a long, happy life.

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