Rainstorm Pouncers
Wild, Pouncers, Vyrwolves, Chatterboxes, Heartbreakers, and Rainstorm's Group
Date of Birth
Maybe Thunder and Tornado
Bloody Valentine, Tiny Dancer, Frog, etc
Cupid Vyrwolves, Bowstring Vyrwolves, Arrow Vyrwolves, Avalon Lemon Drops etc
Known For
Biggest rover from the Vyrwolves and trying to form his own group.

Rainstorm (VPNM003) was born in a wild mob. His mother was either the dominant female or a suborinate, and his father was either the dominant male or a rover. His littermates remain unknown, though there is a chance that Thunder (VPNM001) and Tornado (VPNM004) were his littermates. They all survived to adulthood. Some time later, Rainstorm went roving with Lighten, Thunder, and Tornado and they left the group.


They were later found to have joined with three Leprechaun females to form the Pouncers. It took four months until finally Lighten was viewed as the dominant male. Rainstorm went roving with Tornado and Thunder often. In December 2012, Thunder overthrew Lighten and ousted him, Lighten later died from TB. Then in March 2011, Tornado and Rainstorm went roving and didn't rejoin.




The two males joined the Vyrwolves who hadn't had a dominant male for two years after dominant male Nuka left the group. Rainstorm lost to his brother Tornado who took over as dominant male. Then in October 2011, Rainstorm was seen mating with Sly-eye's eldest daughter, Bloody Valentine. Then in December 2011, she gave birth to their three pups, two females, Cupid and Arrow, and one male Bowstring. In July 2012 he went roving and left the group.


Rainstorm joined up with four Isikaras females and they formed the Chatterboxes. However, his mate Copycat died two months later after being hit by a car and two wild males joined the group and kicked Rainstorm out, he then returned to the Vyrwolves


In September 2012, the Vyrwolves split equally. Rainstorm was in Sly-eye's fraction but he left and joined the other half where he took dominance beside his old flame Bloody Valentine, though she was already pregnant. Rainstorm left to rove and two Servals males joined the group.

Rainstorm's GroupEdit

For a time, Rainstorm decided to form his own mob and had several females from different groups, however most deserted and finally the group was shrunk down to only Rainstorm, former dominant female Ashley, and her sister Millie. Rainstorm mated with Frog while he was roving with Reggie Kool Kats and led her to where the group was, however Rainstorm and Reggie abandoned them and Rainstorm has currently been bitten by a puff adder.

Pluto's StoryEdit

Rainstorm has became a famous meerkat in Pluto's story. He is known to be a big rover and has mated with many females, including Tiny Dancer Lemon Drops. Later, unable to rejoin the Heartbreakers, he set out to form his group which has been failing. He currently is trying to survive a snake bite from a puff adder.