Ragga Muffin was born in the Whiskers Mob. Ragga Muffin's mother was Flower and his father was Yossarian . He was born with three other litter-mates. These were his sisters Rocket Dog, Kinkaju and Super Furry Animal. He and his siblings survived their first year. His mother Flower was dominant female of the Whiskers for five years. His father Yossarianwas actually a subordinate Vivian male and the brother of Zaphod. He won the position of dominant male over Zaphod at one short period of months and mated with Flower who had been his partner. Zaphod over threw Yossarian and became the domninant male again. Ragga Muffin went roving along with Shakespeare. They joined a small group of lost meerkats.


The group was called the Hobbits. Shakespeare, being the oldest took the position of dominant male. The only female named Echo became the dominant female with no trouble. Ragga Muffin stayed in the Hobbits for a year then left to rove. He joined the Munchkins.


Ragga Muffin joined his brother Mitch and cusion Axel. Mimi was the dominant female. Ragga Muffin stole dominance from his younger brother. However Mimie lived long enough to have one litter with him then she was predated. Mitch over threw Ragga Muffin and became the dominant male again long wiht Mittens.


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