The Queen Risca's River is the most frequwntly mentioned river for the first half of the Meerkat Empire novel. It was named after the long-term queen of the Ancient Gattaca Mob. The river, though, is the shortest one on the Meerkat Empire map. (Soon to Come) It provides the border for the Hunters foraging thickets and their traditional burrial grounds. North of the river is Hunters territory all the way up to King Gazebo's River and then, furthest north is the Gardens of Eden. West is The Barens and Scorpions territory and south live the rougue gangs, Russle's gang and the Nowhearts Tribe.


Unknown Date, in the days of the ancients, Queen Risca, who was on her deathbed, began to travel south with her group and discovered the trecherous and unforgiving river. It was named after Queen Risca by one of her sons because Risca had had such a traumatic life.

Queen Zida, in the prolouge (Pups in the Desert) was forced to cross the mighty river in order to get into Nowhearts territory and leave her pups with Maya.

In Chapter One (Flashbacks and Fights) Russle and Lacky were sent to fetch water for Maya so she could water her plants. This is where they were attacked by Lusabi's rogue group and where Russle killed the leader of the rogues. This is also where Russle recieved her scar.

Risca's River is mentioned frequently throughout the first half of the book as Russle is focussed on getting her gang across it and into the lush thicket she sees beyon the roaring waterway.

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