Pumpleous W

Pumpleouse (VWM134) was born to Ella and Thunder with 5 litter mates Two brothers Rozza and Gump and tree sisters Popple, McGee and Enii When the pups were 5 monts old the Whiskers had an IGI with Kung Fu. When the Whiskers retreated Pumpleouse got seperateted along with his sister Popple. At their young age they were unable to survive without a family for very long, Lucklely for them within a week they located a small wild group. They were accepted and left the area. Soon the group reapeared and became part of the newly formed Meerkat Reserch Project. Popple and Pumpleouse were collard because they were the only habichuated meerkats in the group that was now called Puff Adders. Fluna and Rudy took dominance. Witin the next 1.5 years 3 of the group's founders left Rudy died soon after. Pumpleouse took dominance but he and Fluna never got the chance to breed becuse Fluna died 2 months later. Popple had been evicted by Fluna. She . rejoined the group and took dominance. Shortly after, a large grouip of Warthog males joined the group. They chased Pumplouse out of the group to establish themselves. Pumpleouse joined the Kool Kats and took dominamcr beside Cheetra She is currently pregnent with her first litter with Pumpleouse. Pumpleouse also mated with two of Cheetra's daughters, Cat and Kitten. Cat gave birth first. Cheetra killed the pups and evicted Cat. Cheetra and Kitten gave birth on the same day to a mixed litter of 9 pups

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