Puma Xerus


Yes of the Xerus
Date of Birth
November 20, 2002
Xenia and Euro
Selkirk Rex Xerus, Maine Coon Xerus, Bombay Xerus, Javanese Xerus, VXUP058, VXUP059, VXUP060, VXUP061 and VXUP062
Know For
New Dominant Female of the Xerus

Puma(VXUF021) was born in the Xerus on November 20, 2002. Her mother was Xenia and her father was Euro. Her litter-mates were brother Panther(VXUM021) and her siste Panthera(VXUF022). They survived their first few wweks. When they were almost a month old the newly formed snake attacked the burrow. Her aunt Tamie was babysitting that day and protected the new pups. Tamie was bitten by the snake and died. The Vexos attacked the burrow by thanks to their uncle Zolo the pups survived. They made it to adutlhood and begane to babysit the pups. Puam, Panther and Panthera made it to adutlhodd and started to babysit. Panthera and Panther got seperated from the group with some other Xerus members. Panther took to roving with the other males and Panthera and the other females formed a enw group with Vexos males, the same one who tried to killed them as pups. The new group was called Kalabari Mob. Panthera became the dominant female. Panther later returned to the group with the males. Their mother Xenia stayed the dominant female for five years and had many pups. She died on August 28, 2006. Her father lft the group and joined the splinter group led by Tiara, Puma's older sister. Puma's cousin Verona took female dominance of the group with Puma's brother Wild Dog. Panther left the group in June 2006. Verona stayed dominant for two and a half months. Puma and Verona got in a food fight and Puma overthrew Verona and became the dominant female. Then the next month two Vexos males Spectra and Gus joined the group,. Spectra assumed male dominance beside Puma. In March Puma evicted Verona, Lahara, Rosie bear and Borzoifrom the group. The formed a new one. On April 12, 2006 Puma gave birth to Selkirk Rex, Maine Coon, Bombay and Javanese. In August 2006 Puma gave birth five pups. Puma as been the dominant female of ten months now. She and Spectra are still the dominant pair.


Mother: Xenia

Father: Euro

Sister: Panther

Brother: Panther

Mate: Spectra


First litter born on April 12, 2006 fathered by Specrta

Selkirk Rex (VXUM054)

Maine Coon (VUXM055)

Bombay (VXUM056)

Javanese (VXUF057)

Second litter born in August fathered by Spectra







Xerus Mob

Panthera Xerus

Spectra Vexos

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