Prey Kit Kats

Prey Kit Kats

Yes of the Kit Kats
Date of Birth
First Seen December 30, 2007
First Seen with five other wild males
Dream Kit Kats, Maxwell Kit Kats, Jade Kit Kats, Dimomite Kit Kats, Kayle Kit Kats, Oliver Kit Kats and Mamga Kit Kats...etc...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Kit Kats

Prey(VKTM002) was born in a wild mob but he was first seen on December 30, 2007 in a new group called the Kit Kats. He and five other males left their group and joined two evicted wild females. He took the position of dominant male of the new group. The females competed for the right to be the dominant female. Finally Roseanata won and became Prey's mate. On March 12, 2008 Roseanata gave birth to Dream, Jade, VKTF011 and Maxwell. Sadly VKTF011 was predated on August 13, 2008 by a hawk. Since he was the biggest and strongest of the males, none of the subordinate males could take dominance from him. So they started to rove at the other wild groups. Roseanata gave birth to Dimomite, Kayle, Oliver and Mamga on November 4, 2008. Roseantata gave birth to VKTM019, VKTF020, VKTM021 and VKTF022 on March 25, 2009. All of the subordinate wild males who had helped form the group left and joined other mobs leaving Prey as the only unrelated male to Roseanata still in the group. Roseanata gave birth to VKTP023 and VKTP024 on July 9, 2009. Prey is still the dominant male of the Kit Kats today.But on Janury 14,2011,Roseanta allowed a wild meerkat named Blackwater in the grupe.Backwater actacked Prey and Blackwater won and bagame the new domacaite male and mated with Roseanta.Prey is still alvie even though he is a subbrabtaine male.


First litter born on Maech 12, 2008 mothered by Roseanata

Dream (VKTF009)

Jade (VKTM010)


Maxwell (VKTM012)

Second litter born on November 4, 2008 mothered by Roseanata

Dinomite (VKTF015)

Kalye (VKTM016)

Oliver (VKTM017) Dinsey Mamga (VKTF018) Third litter born on March 25, 2009 mothered by Roseanata




VKTF022 Fourth litter born on July 9, 2009 mothered by Roseanata




Kit Kats Mob

Roseanata Kit Kats

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