Leprechaun[edit | edit source]

Pounce(VLF003) was born on January 24, 2008 in the Leprechaun Mob. Her mother was Mozart and her father was Drew. Her litter-mates were one brother Hunter(VLPM002) and two sisters Pounce(VLF003) and Mange(VLPF004).They survived to adulthood. She started to babysit and take sentry. When she was a year and a half she started to e evicted by her mother. She was laster evicted along with Piggy and Hefagus and was Last Seen on August 17, 2009 but she later reapapred with four wild males in a new group.

Pouncers[edit | edit source]

They formed the Pouncers Mob and the group was located in Janaury 2010 but the group probably formed in late 2009. With the females were four males and three pups from a privious litter. Pounce took dominance whent he group first formed. Lighten was acting as dominant male.

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