Porter(VSC0??)was first seen in the newly formed Silver Cats.He became the dominate male beside Star.Many of the males ackated him,but they always lost.Star gave birth to her first survieing litter.Porter then became even thougher after that,regluluy ackating all the males in the group.V??001 was evicted by Porter,and Left the the group.Porter ackated Gray,and Star relziaded he was being to harsh.Star tried to mate with a rover,but Porter chasers the rover off.Star gave birth again,and Porter was much more gentle.Star evicted Ola,Porter helped her evict.Porter kept a close eye on Bua, he tried to mate with other females.Porter than evicted him,when Bau mates with many females.Bau never returned.Star have birth again,but her pips were killed.There was a group split,Porter and Anna lead the other half,Star lead the other half alone.Porter found the other half when they were underackat by a huge wild mob.Porter saves them by leasing his half fighting with the mob.Porter then lead the other half away.Star gave birth again.Porter became softer and stop ackating every male.Porter saved one of his sons,after he was abounded.After that,a Jakle came near their burrow.Star went near it,and the Jakel tried to kill her.But Porter let the Jakel ackat him,trying to save his family.He risked his life and was killed by it.Porter became a hero,because he risked his life to save his family.

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