Popple Whiskers

Popple dominant

Yes of the Puff Adders
Date of Birth
June 14, 2009
Ella and Thunder
Enili, Rozza, McGee, Pumplemouse, Gump and Marxx
None Yet
Known For
Second dominant female of the Puff Adders


Popple(VWF135) was born on June 14, 2009 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Ella and her fasther was Thunder. Her litter-mates were McGee and Enili and for brothers Rozza, Marxx, Gump and Pumplemouse. All the pups survived to five months. The the Whiskers encounter the Kung Fu. Popply and Pumplemouse were seperated and could not find their way back to the Whiskers. The two were too young to survived without a family so they wondered till they located some wild females wo had been evicted from their group.

Puff AddersEdit

The wild females were soon joined by wild males and they started the Puff Adders Mob. Popple and her brother were the only two habictuated meerkats in the group so Popple and Pumplemouse were radio collared. Popple was only six months old so she could not become the dominant female. Instead a wild female named Fluna took over as the dominant female with Rudy a wild male thought to be from the Abba mob. Soon the group began to grow with the dominant female's litters. Popple started babysitting with her brother and started keeping watch over her new family. Pumplemouse started to rove with the adults. Soon Fluna evicted the adult females and the adult rovers left the group. Popple was now the oldest female. Fluna and Rudy were both predated. Popple took over as the dominant female with Pumplemouse as the dominant male. For a few months the group was led by brother and sister from the Whiskers. Popple is still the dominant female today.

Family Edit

Mother: Ella

Father: Thunder

Litter-mate brothers: Rozza, Marxx, Gump and Pumplemouse

Litter-mate sisters: McGee and Enili


Whiskers Mob

Puff Adders Mob

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