The Pireats mob were Founded on 1 June 2010. The group have 8 members.

Current MembersEdit

Shakespeare Dominant male

Lola Dominant Female

Thu Female

Li Xin Female

hoppie Female

Louiko Female

Loesie Female

knorretje Female

Alpha PairEdit

When the group founded Mik Was Dominant but Shakespeare overthrow Him. Lola Was Dominant from the Founded and Now she give birth To all the Current members Exepect For Mik and Shakespeare.


June 2010: The mob has formed Shakespeare and Lola are Dominant. Lola is pregnant. She evicted Tema. Tema Has Formed a Team With Punk,One-Eye and 4 other females the Group called Zutus. Darwin Aztecs join the Mob

May 2010 : Lola give birth to 5 pups they are named. 1 encounter with Zutus And Underdog. Darwin is Roving on Zutus

September 2010: Lola Gave Birth to 5 pups. 4 died at birth only Surviver called Flower. Encounter with Zutus and Generals. Li Xin pregnant after mating with Mik.

October 2010: NO EVENTS

November 2010: Lola is Pregnant. Li Xin is still pregnant. the group encounterd Generals twice

December 2010: One-Eye visited once. Li Xin lost her litter. Lola Still pregnant. Flower was bitten by a Snake but she is still alive.

Januari 2011: Lola Give Birth but lost her litter. Flower is Absent at the end of the month. Group encounter Zutus twice

Febuary 2011: NO EVENTS

march 2011: Lola is pregnant and Flower has died from disease.

April 2011: Lola is still pregnant. Mik died from disease

May 2011: Group died out of disease only Hoppie survived and is seen at the Zutus Mob

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