Piglet Aztecs

Piglet Aztecs

Yes of the Pirates
Date of Birth
December 26, 2007
VPRM001, VPRF002 and VPRF003
Known For
Dominant male of the Pirates


Piglet(VAZM004) was born in the Aztecs on December 26, 2007. His mother was Monkulus and his father was Homestar Runner. Before they were born a group of Whisker males joine dthe Aztecs ahd kicked out Homestar Runner. Zaphod, Monkulus' uncle, became the dominant male. His litter-mates were Marmite(VAZM001), Abaca(VAZF003) and Tofu(VAZF002). It wasn't till a year later that Monkulus gave birth to three pups. Piglet and his litter-mates started to babdysit. Piglet start to rove with hsi unlce Alonzo Mourining. Piglet stayed in the Aztecs for two years then Monkulus died and Squgi became the dominant female. Then a gruop of JaXX maled joined the group and kicked out five males, Zaphod, Marmite, Piglet, Moilere and Chaka. The males roved around at the other groups, Lazuli, Baobab and Whiskers but those groups were big and already had a dominant male. All those mobs had many males so they couldn't join plus they were related to them. Then May 2010 they joined four evicted Abba female and started a new group.


The formed the Underdog Mob. Wild female Fire Fox wont he position of dominant female rather easilly but the three oldest males fought for dominance. Piglet fought Marmite but lost and then Zaphod over powered Piglet and then he defeaded Marmite and became the dominant male. Piglet started to rove again. He rove three times in April. In June he roved six times. Then in July the group split, Marmite, Mozilla, Google, Lucky and Rintintin split and rejoined in the next month. After this Piglet left the group for good.


Piglet joined three evicted Lazuli females and two Baobab males and formed the Pirates. Piglet was the oldest male so he took dominance right away. Run one of the females took the position of dominant female. Piglet was seen mating with her and she gave birth on October 7, 2010 to three pups. Sammy Jo mated with a rover and gave birth to three pusp on November 13, 2010 but Rum abandon the pups. Sammy Jo and Fatty McFat carried the three pups to the new burrow and Rum let them live. Pigolat and Ruma re still the dominant pair todat. Piglet was the first Aztec to become a dominant meerkat.


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Underdog Mob

Pirates Mob

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