Penny was born in January 2005 in the Nomads. Her mother was Sexy Scurrie and her father was a rover. Penny had two brothers Sage (VNOM001) and Pebbles (VNOM002). All three survived to adulthood. In November 2006 her mother and adopted aunt Dr. Kimble left the mob. In December 2007, her aunt Kalahari Girl was bitten by a cape cobra and died and Penny took dominance beside Gernet.

Dominant FemaleEdit

Penny was the eldest female and she easily took female dominance. Despite the loss of a breeding partner, Gernet stayed in the group and made to ruin Penny's love life and kept chasing away all the needed rovers. Her sisters got pregnant and when she finally got pregnant in March 2008 she evicted the remaining pregnant females, including her cousins Silk Stockings and Samirah. The following month she gave birth but lost the litter to Silk Stockings who she had let back in, Silk Stockings then attacked Penny and overthrew her. Penny was dominant female for a total of only five months.

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