Peg Leg(VLRM004) was born on September 12, 2011 in the Lemurs Mob. His mother was Monera and his father was BJ. He was born in a litter of four with one brother named Melton(VLRM001) and two sisters named Flame(VLRF002) and Josephine(VLRF003). They were the first litter even born in the Lemurs. All four pups survived their fir[[Chocobo Starsky|
Peg Leg
]]st few months. His aunt Bacteria gave birth to a litter in December. Leg Peg was not old enough to help out with the new pups but at three months old he could fend for himself. Soon Peg Leg reach his first birthday in September 2012. That same month he went roving for the first time at the Chocobos where he managed to woo the dominant female Chocobo and mated with her. Peg Leg returned to the Lemurs and went roving again in November with his brother Melton. Then in December his father BJ died. Peg Leg was away from the mob roving so Melton took the dominant male position. Peg Leg seem contect with remaining a subordinate and conitued to rove. Peg leg is still alive today in the Lemurs.


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