Pearl Jets

Pearl Jets

Jets Mob and Merucay Mob
Yes of the Merucay
Date of Birth
May 3, 2005
Amber and Balto
Ash and Jenna
Ozzy, Spots, Hawk, Moon, Lola, Buster, Jet, Goldie, Uaranas, Chris, Anne, Ollina, Milly, wild pup, VMCM0099, and VMCF100
Known For
Dominant Female of the Merucay

Jets Edit

Pearl(VJTF023) was born on May 3, 2005 in the Jets.Her mother was Amber while her father was Balto.Her litter mates were Ash,and Jenna.They were the first litter of Amber and Balto and were born six months after the loss of the dominate pair.Amber gave birth again on Octobor 3, 2005 to Mallory,and Bolt. She grew in to a fine elder.Jenna died on March 4,2006.Pearl mated with an unknown rover,and gave birth on Januaray 3,2007,to Moon,Lola,and Buster.Amber allowed the pups to survie.However she evicted her.She brought Lola with her along with Kimabrya.They found four wild males,and two wild females.


The new group was called the Merucay Mob.Pearl assumed domince along with Alfie.She gave birth to Ozzy,Spots and Hawk on July 12,2007.Pearl evicted Darla.However,she allwoes the pups to live.Darla returned.On December 3,2007,Pearl gave birth to Jet,and Glodie.On Janauray 3,2008,Pearl evicted Lousie.It was unknown what hapend the her pups.Pearl evicted Klayhia an allwoes Lousie to return.Pearl gave birth to Unranas on March 1,2008.On July 3,2008,Pearl evicted Villot.She allwoes her pup,Sassy to live.Pearl allwoes her to return two days later.Pearl gave birth to Chris,and Anne on June 4,2008.Pearl evicted Cat,Darla,and Goldie.She allwoes Goldie to return two days later.Pearl allwoes the females to return after six days.Pearl gave birth on Sepmtemer 4,2008.Lousie killed her litter.On Janarauy 4,2009,Pearl evicted Goldie,and Cheasle.Pearl agave birth to Ollina on May 4,2009.Pearl later evicted Hawk,and Uranas.In July 3,2009,Pearl gave birth to Mily,and VZMM0048.She evicted Villot.A wild rover mated with Pearl.However,Pearl beaver gave birth.Julie,Hawk,and Goldie all gave birth to six pups either on May 4,and 5.Pearl didn't evict them.VMCM048 was killed.On Januray 4,2010,Villot gave birth.Cheasle killed her litter.Pearl gave birth two months later.Cheasle killed her litter.On June 4,2010,Olliana gave birth.On Febarauy 4,2011,Pearl gave birth to VMCM099 and VMCF100.Pearl and Alfie are the dominate pair today.

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