Pear Holden
Holden and Suzuki
Formerlly of the Suzuki
Date of Birth
April 4 2003
Alex and Silvereye
Mouse, Mango, Cloud and Dark
Harry and Harly
VSZM002, VSZM003, VSZP004, VSZP005, VSZP006, VSZF007, VSZM008, VSZF009, VSZM010, Silky, Mimi, Spider, Zhao, Zion, Damian etc.
Known For
Only dominant female of the Suzuki


Pear(VHNF013) was born on April 4th 2003 in the Holden ina largfe litter of five. Her mother was Alex and her father was Silvereye. Her littermates were Mouse, Mango, Cloud and Dark. All of them survived to adulthood, though Mango disappeared after being evicted, leaving Pear, Mouse, Cloud and Dark left in the Holden. However Dark left to form the Storm and Pear, Cloud and Mouse were evicted for the first time. They were allowed back in, but were then evicted permanantly in July 2005.


All three females joined a wild male named Harry, who became the dominant male of the newly formed Suzuki Mob. Pear and Cloud fought for the position, because Mouse didn't contest. After a long fight, Pear emerged victorious. She later gave birth to her first litter, VSZM002 and VSZM003. She kept her groups numbers up, until tradgedy struck when Harry was killed in an encounter with a wild group. However,a group of males, led by Harly came into the group and kicked out the males that were a threat. Pear became mates with Harly and had many more litters until she sadly died of disease after being the dominant female for five long years.The males dispersed, Mouse disappeared and most of her daughters joined wild groups.

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