Patty Embers

Patty Embers

Date of Birth
December 1, 2009
Diana and Santa
Peter and Pickles
VEMP028, VEMP029 and VEMP030
Known For
Second oldest female in Embers

Patty(VEMF014) was born on December 1, 2009 in the Embers Mob. Her mother was Diana and her father was Santa the dominant pair at the time. She was born with her two litter-mates,one sister Pickles(VEMF016) and one brother Peter(VEMM015). They were Diana's first litter ever. Sadly her half sister VEMF011 was killed on Janunary 26, 2010. Diana gave birth to Mandy, Grim and Billy on March 16, 2010. She then gave birth to her last litter on August 10, 2010 to four pups. Diana lost dominance to Maddie and got evicted from the group and died from disease on September 29, 2010. Santa died on November 17, 2010 from disease, probably the same Diana had. Java took over as dominant male and her brother Peter left with Danny and joined the Johnny 13. Patty and Pickles became the oldest females under Maddie the new domant female. In November two Johnny 13 rovers appeared at the Emebrs, including the ex-dominant male. Kenny tried to mate with Patty, but she wasn't even a year old, so she couldn't even have pups yet. She chased him away along with the help of Sean. The ex-dominant male Johnny, had been deposed by Danny, mated with Maddie and joined the group where he became the new dominant male. In March 2011, Patty mated with Kenny, a Johnny 13 male. Patty gave birth on May 7, 2011 to three pups. Patty is still in the Embers today.


Mother: Diana

Father: Santa

Sister: Pickles

Brother: Peter

Mate: Kenny

Children: VEMP028, VEMP029 and VEMP030


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