Parsley Pound Puppies


Yes of the Egyptians
Date of Birth
March 30, 2004
Nutmeg, Rose and VPPM011
Aphrodite, King Tut, Khufu, Hathor, Anubis, Set and Hesa etc...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Egyptians

Pound PuppiesEdit

Parsley(VPPF012) was born on March 30, 2004 in the Pound Puppies Mob. Her mother was Eriole and her father was Zodus. Her litter-mates were Nutmeg(VPPF008), Rose(VPPF010) and VPPM011. Sadly her brother VPPM011 was predated soon after they started foraging. They rest of her litter survived to adulthood. Eriole kept producing litters. She started to evicted her daughters. She evcited Mango, Blossom, Dizzy, Nutmeg, Rose and Parsley in April of 2006. Then again in November of 2006, Eirole evicted Blossom, Mango, Dizzy, Parsley, Chips and Bubbles. This time Parsley, Mango, Chips and Bubbles formed a new group. Blossom and Dizzy returned to the group.


The formed a new group called the Egyptians Mob. The females joined three Zappa males. Pimms assumed males dominance of the group. Mango was the oldest female and it seemed she was going to be dominant female. Parsley also was asserting her dominance. Parsley killed Mango's pups and became the dominant females. She gave birth to Aphrodite, King Tut and Khufu. Parsley gave birth on Hathor, Anubis, Set and Hesa on May 28, 2007. Then Pimms lost dominance to Skol. Parlsey got pregnant again and evictec her sisters and gave birth to three pups on November 26, 2007. Her sisters Chips and Bubbles rejoined the group without Mango. Pimms died on December 19, 2007 leaving Skol as the dominant male. Mango rejoined the group and attacked Parsley but lost. Mango was predated on January 17, 2008 leaving Parsley with only her two sisters Chips and Bubbles. She eivcted her last to sister and they disappeared. Parsley gave birth to four pups on April 18, 2008. Parsley is still the dominant female today along with Skol as dominant male.


Pound Puppies Mob

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