Pansy Hunters, first up in the morning

Pansy was a first seen meerkat who migrated to an abandoned research reserve at approximatly 2 years of age. She could not join any other group and was even chased off by the whole Kinkajous mob at one point. She joined up with Kinkajous male Hooligan and Ashantis female Flo and they created the Hunters mob.

Hunters mobEdit

Pansy and Flo did not fight for the dominate female position. When Pansy went to attack Flo, she willingly submitted and Pansy reguarly reminded her of her position as a subordinate female. Pansy gave birth to her first litter of pups, fathered by Hooligan, in 1995 and they all survived. She had many pups after that one and is the mother of Sylvia Hunters, Helena Hunters, Regan Hunters, Georgia Hunters, CSA Hunters, Danielle Hunters and her most famous pup, Kimberly Hunters. In 2003, Pansy's oldest daughter, Sylvia, attacked her mother in the early morning and overthrew her, claiming the dominate female position. Pansy was evicted and although she tried to rejoin the Hunters she was always chased away. Pansy was last seen in 2003. Her fate is unknown but was a resident of the Hunters for seven years, a dominate female for seven years and was approximatly nine when she was last seen.

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