Pandra Incubus

Pandra Incubus

Yes of the Incubus
Date of Birth
December 27, 1999
Brambles and Brandon
Fuzzy Scruff and Tik Tok
Unknown rovers
Emeline, Campbell, Falcon, Pedia, Raco and etc...etc...
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Incubus

Pandra(VIBF006) was born December 27, 1999 in the newly formed Incubus Mob. Her mother was Brambles and her father was Brandon the dominant couple of the Incubus. Pandra was born with two litter-mate brothers named Fuzzy Scruff(VIBM005) and Tik Tok(VIBM007). They were the first pups born in the Incubus. All three pups survived through their first year without much event and became adults. As a full grown adult female, Pandra started to help out with babysitting the pups and keeping sentry. Her two brothers started to rove with the older males. Brambles had been the dominant female for around two years and had many litters. Pandra's aunts had disappeared making her the oldest subordinate. Sadly on September 20, 2001 Brambles died leaving the dominant female position open. Pandra established herself as the new dominant female without competion. Her father Brandon started to rove. Pandra soon became pregnant after mating with a rover and gave birth to Emeline, Campbell and Falcon on December 5, 2001. Pandra held her dominance and started to evicted her sisters and cousins who started to mate with rovers. On April 21, 2002, Pandra gave birth to Pedia, Raco and VIBM033. Sadly VIBM033 was predated in July. Brandon had been the dominant male during the first half of Pandra's reign helping her with leadership. Sadly on June 17, 2002 Brandon died from injuries sustaind while roving. Pandra's two brother Fuzzy Scruff and Tik Tok had left the group with their uncles, so Pandra's cousin Andy became the new dominant male. Pandra conitued to mate with rovers and became pregnant again. On September 16, 2002, Pandra gave birth to VIBM034, VIBF035 and VIBF036. She had evicted the three eldest femles under her, the females had left the group leaving only two sisters left. One of her remaining sisters named Kimmy became pregnant agand gave birth to Kimmy gave birth to VIBP037, VIBP038, VIBP039 and VIBP040 on Janaury 31, 2003. Thanks to Pandra's many surviving litters the Incubus had managed to keep their numbers up even without an unrelated dominant male. Pandra is still the dominant female of the Incubus today.


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