Padloper Lazuli



Padloper(VLM090) was born in the Lazuli Mob on December 5, 2003. His mother was Cazanna and his father was Basil, the dominant pair at the time. His litter-mates were his two sisters Pelomedusa(VLF091) and Pancake(VLF092). He and his two sisters survived to adulthood. Sadly his father Basil died mid 2005 and his older brother JD became the dominant male. His sisters were evicted and left the group, Pancake help form the Goblins and later the Wizards Mob. JD left with two other males and the position of dominant male became open. Padloper was one of the oldest males in the Lazuli at the time, so he took dominance beside his mother. Sadly Cazanna died of disease in late 2006 and Aretha became the new dominant female. In early 2007, Padloper left the Lazuli for good to rove with Franny and Teaser since he could not mate with his sister.


The three Lazuli rovers met up with four evicted Bakgan females and started the Thermopylae Mob. Padloper was the oldest of the males and had the experience of being a leader so he established dominance. One of the females named Runo became the dominant female. They started to have pups but in mid 2008, Runo lost dominance to Julie and was soon predated. Padloper accepted Julie as his new mate. Padloper remained the dominant male a little longer but sadly on August 3, 2007 he died from disease. His son Artemis took over as the dominant male. By then all the pups born in the Thermopylae were fathered by Padloper. Julie soon died and Gorgo became the dominant female. Padloper's blood-line still lives on in the Thermopylae today.


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