Oveja Wildkats

Oveja Wildkats

Formerly of the Buccaneers
Date of Birth
First Seen Janaury 17, 2006
Wild Dog
Nibbin, Osca, Spiriax, Cycerin, Vitality, Solace, Sizzlo, Xerochi and Tundra
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Buccaneers


Oveja(VWKF005) was First Seen in the Wildkats on Janaury 17, 2006. She was a young adult female possibly from a litter born a yera before. She was not the dominant female but an older female named Vaca who may have been her mother. Mancar was the dominant male. Oveja was believed to be litter-mates with Vibora. In March 2007 Oveja, Vibora and Gota were evicted. In April 2008 Oveja, Vibora and Lista were pregnant but the following month they all lost their litters. In August 2008 Vaca was pregnant and Oveja, Vibora, Gato, Lista and Colibri were evicted and left the group.


The evicted females met up with three roving males and formed a mob of their known called the Buccaneers Mob. The odlest of the males named Wild Dog established dominance right away and was fitted with a radio collar. Oveja ousted her sister and became the dominant female. Colibri gave birth to the first litter of pups with all four survived. On March 10, 2009 Oveja gave birth to Nibbin, Osca and Spiriax. This was her first surviving litter ever. All three pups survived. On June 28, 2009 Oveja gave birth to Cycerin, Vitality and Solace. Her sister Vibora was pregnant and had returned to the group after beign evicted. She challenged Oveja for dominance and after her reccent birth, Oveja was weak. Vibora managed to force Oveja into submission and assumed the dominant female position. Oveja was forced to take a subordinate role for five month. Her pups survived and in December, Oveja returned from the group after being evicted. Vibora had just given birth and attempted to asert her dominance over Oveja. In stead of submitting, Ovjea attacked Vibora and overthrew her reclaiming the dominant female position. Oveja accepted Wild Dog as her mate again and in February 2010 she was pregnant. On March 27, 2010, she gave birth to Sizzlo, Xerochi, Tundra and VBCF026. Sadly VBCF026 was killed byt he Sioux Mob the following month. Within that same mouth, Oveja died on April 14, 2010 leaving her sister Vibora as the dominant female.


Wildkats Mob

Buccaneers Mob

Wild Dog Starsky

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