Orinoco Whiskers

Orinoco and Jude

Yes of the Sun Angels
Date of Birth
November 11, 2005
Flower and Zaphod
Bananas, Sundance, Butch Cassidy and Alonzo Mourning
Known For
Dominant Male of the Sun Angels


Orinoco(VWM101) He was born in the Whiskers Mob on November 11, 2005. His mother was Flower and Zaphod. He had two litter-mates sisters named Bananas(VWHM097) and Sundance(VWHM099) and two brothers named Butch Cassidy(VWM098) and Alonzo Mourning(VWM100). They all survived to adulthood. After Orinoco was two years old, his mother Flower died and Rocket Dog became the new dominant female. A group of the Whiskers formed the Aztecs Mob. Sundance was evicted from the group. Orinoco went rovign with his father Zaphod and brothers Mitch, Logan, Ninagloo and Alonzo Mouring. They soon came across another group.


This group was the Aztecs. His older sister Monkulus was the dominant female. Zaphod became the dominant male and the other males stayed in the group but took to roving. Ningaloo rejoined the Whiskers whiel Burdock joined the Aztecs. Monkulus gave birth to four pups. No pups were born till a year later. Orinoco left with some of the Whiskers male Logan.


Orinoco and Logan left and joined a wild group of ten meerkats. The group conisted of two Whiskers males, four adults wild meerkats, three sub-adults wild meerkats and three juveniles wild meerkats. This group was called the Incas Mob. Logan took male dominance over Orinoco. After a week in the group, Orinoco left the group and roved with two of the other males to Frisky. He was unable to father any pups and was chased away by Gazebo the dominant male. Orinoco babysat Logan's pups and took sentry duties. The dominant female lost dominance to Sherry, another one of the wild meerkats. He took to roving at times. He left with William to rove in ealy 2009. William was oen of the juveniles meerkats when Orinoc first joined the group. Orinoco and William disappeared and were Last Seen. Then in May 2009 Orinoco and William reappeared with three evicted females.

Sun AngelsEdit

The new group was called the Sun Angels. The females were Sahara, Foxtrot and Curie from the Kalabari mob. Orinoco and Willam were the only males. Orinoco took male dominance with Sahara. On July 16, 2009 Sahara gave birth to Tago, Tigris, Nile and Colorado. On January 26, 2010 Sahara gave birth to Congo, Thames and Parana. On April 14, 2010 Sahara gave birth to Jonesy, Wyatt, Nikki, Jen, Jude and Caitlin. Six pups in all! In July 2010 Sahara was pregnant again. Orinoco and Sahara ares till the dominant pair.


Whiskers Mob

Sun Angels Mob

Sahara Kalabari

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