Oiley Doyley Kung Fu
Yes of the Wookiees
Date of Birth
November 9, 2008
Klientjie and Ningaloo
Maroon, Princesso, Beej, Pilko, Bean and Littl'um
VWEP001, VWEP002, VWEP003 and VWEP004
Known For
Dominant Male of the Wookiees

Kung FuEdit

Oiley Doyley(VKUM018) was born in the Kung Fu Mob on November 9, 2008. His mother was Klientjie and his father was Ningaloo the dominant pair of the Kung Fu. He was born in a large litter of seven pups, his six litter-mates were his two brothes Maroon(VKUM14) and Beej(VKUM016), and his four sisters Princessco(VKUF013), Pilko(VKUF015), Bean(VKUF017) and Littl'um(VKUF019). The Kung Fu was a small young mob at the time with few adults, however despite the odds, Oiley Doley and his litter survived to though their first year. Oiley Doyley started to help out around the mob and started to take to roving. At the age of two his sisters Princesso was evicted and help formt he Ewoks with some of the other Kung Fu females. Maroon and later Beej left the group making Oiley Doyley one of the oldest of the subortinate males, however there was another male named Beaur who was older. Pilko and Bean were later evicted and left the group to form the Untouchables. Oiley Doyley were the last of their litter still in the Kung Fu. After Kientjie died and Ningaloo left the group, Littl'um and Beaur because the next dominant pair. In early 2011, a large group of males left the Kung Fu, Oiley Doyley was among them.


The males joined the Baobab Mob after most of the adult males had taken to roving. Oiley Doyley was one of the oldest males but Beaur ousted him from the dominant male position. Oiley Doyley stayed in the Baobab and went roving from time to time till mid 2012 when he left with his younger brothers Dexter, Ice Man and Biffy Clyro. The four males met up with five evicted Rascals females.


The males stayed with the females and established a new group called the Wookiees. Oiley Doyley was the oldest of the males so he was able to take the dominant male positiont his time. The oldest of the females named Ara became the dominant female and his mate. On December 21, 2012 Ara gave birth to VWEP001, VWEP002, VWEP003 and VWEP004. The litter survived. Oiley Doyley is still alive today as the dominant male of the Wookiees.


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