Nile Mob

Nile Mob

The Nile Mob was started in October 1997, when three evicted females team up with two males. The group started out slow but was able to start produces litter fast after the first dominant female died. In 2001, the group split and both group halves were attack by disease, the other half of the group died out, but the main group survive. The group was lost in 2003 after the dominant pair were kill and the group couldn't produce a litter, for almost a year.


Lucky Dominant Female

Lighting Dominant Male






Chapter 1 Edit

It's early morning, a the first one out of the Nile's bolt hole is pregnant dominant female Lucky, follow by her two pregnant sisters Blue and White-tail. Lighting the dominant male and Thunder are the last one up. Two months age the 5 meerkat team up and started a new group called Nile. Lucky took dominant female and Lighting took the dominant male spot. The group have been try to make a territory but been keep getting chase by the Maya Mob. Today Lucky lead the group south of foraging a hour, the group came across a burrow next to a big Dune call Brown Dune.

Over the next half month the group move around but on the 27th of December the group headed back to the burrow. That night Blue gave birth to three pups, the next morning as the group was foraging Lucky kill the pups, two days later Lucky gave birth to 5 pups and White-tail killed them. Then on the 2nd of January White-tail gave birth to two females Crow and Raven. This time no one killed the groups and the group foraging around the burrow. When the pups were three weeks old they came out of the burrow and start to foraging with the group. That Thunder challage Lighting for dominance.

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