The Nature Mob was founded in August 1999 by 3 wild females and 2 wild males.

Dominant PairEdit

Mother Nature and Helios took the positions of the dominant pair. after their deaths in May 2005 her daughter Rain took over next to a wild male named Cyclone. In May 2017 Rain died and her 1 year old daughter Mist took over. In June 2017 Cyclone died and a wild male named Thunder became the dominant male next to Mist.


The Nature mob has 27 members as of February 2019.

Mist (VNF179) Dominant Female

Cyclone (VNM200) Dominant Male

Catyclysm (VNM201)

Poison Ivy (VNF203)

Thyme (VNF204)

Lake (VNM206)

Robin (VNF208)

Lake (VNM209)

River (VNF211)

Pepper (VNF213)

Dale (VNM215)

Mango (VNF217)

Coriander (VNM219)

Brier (VNF220)

Silver (VNM221)

Jordan (VNF222)

Cloud (VNM223)

Bramble (VNF224)

Bayou (VNM225)

Cloud (VNF226)

Coriander (VNM227)

Marin (VNF228)

Vale (VNF229)

Stormy (VNM230)