Naga Pegasus


Yes of the Vexos
Date of Birth
July 23, 2001
Hydra and Cupid
Nargun and Nymph
Triclod, Rex, Vulcan, Boriates, Carlvelt, Gill, Kazarina, Barodius, Ren, Nurzak, Floria, Stoica, Airzel and Gundalia
Known For
Thrid Dominant Female of the Vexos


Naga(VPGF031) was born in the Pegasus Mob on July 23, 2001. Her mother was Hydra and her father Cupid. Her litter-mates were Nargun(VPGM029) and Nymph(VPGF030). They survived their first few months. She lived in the group for a few years and soon became one of the oldest females in the group. After her mother died Naga competed for the position of dominant female. Chimera won and evicted Naga with Sileni, Siren and Gnome. The females came arcoss another group thinking it was their own.


The other group was the Vexos. The four females joined the group and kicked out the dominant female Mylene. Naga was the oldest female so she won dominance easily. Volt was already the dominant male and became her mate. Naga and Volt started to have litters being the Vexos' numbers up. On March 16, 2005 she gave birth to Triclod, Rex and Vulcan, her first litter ever. On August 26, 2005 Naga gave birth to Boriates and Carlvelt. In October 2005 Naga was pregnant. She evicted Sileni, Siren and Gnome but they magaed to rejoin the group. Naga gave birth to Gill, Kazarina, Barodius and Ren on December 27, 2004. The next month Gnome was seen mating with Dryden. She gave birth to Lena and Mason on March 25, 2005. Naga allowed Gnome to keep her two pups. Her next litter came on May 22, 2005 when she gave birth to VVXM033, Nurzak and Floria. Sadly VVXM033 was killed by the Minions during a burrow raid the following month. Naga gave birth to Jessie, Zenet and Sid on August 7, 2005. Naga gave birth to Stoica, Airzel, VVXP039 and Gundalia on November 12, 2005. VVXP039 wondered away from the babysitting burrow and was predated by a hawk. Naga gave birth to Lumagrowl, Dharak, Lythirus, Strikeflier and Plitheon on April 12, 2006. Then she gave birth to three more pups named Avior, Phosphos and Contestir on September 24, 2006. This time all the pups survived. Naga gave birth to VVXF049, Rubanoid, Linehalt and Spyron on March 13, 2007, sadly VVXF049 died. On October 21, 2007 Naga gave birth to Sellon, Anubias and Dylan. This was Naga's last litter. On Janaury 26, 2008, her daughter Zenet gave birth to the first grandchildren and all three pups survived. The following month on February 23, 2008, Naga was bitten by a snake that went into the babysitting burrow and died. Her daughter Kazarina became the new dominant female.


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