Mussolini Balrog

Mussolini Balrog(VBF038)

Date of Birth
August 13,2003
Date of Death
N/A still alive
Cause of Death
N/A still alive
Known for
Dominant female of Balrog
Age when first became dominant
One year old

Mussolini was born on August 13,2003 in Balrog. Her mother was a subordinate female, Vive. Mussolini was born with three litter-mate brothers, Castro,Jodafu,BlackBuck. After a month in late September Velvet gave birth to a litter of four pups,Babbelas,Babbalina,VBGF041,VBGM042. VBGM042 was predated in December. In January 2004 the dominant male, Balrog, died. Mobabane takes dominant male. Shongolongo,Beguira,Snert left the group. Within a month Shongolongo and Castro returned to the group. In early March Velvet aborted. In April Mussolini's mother Vive disappeared from the group. Within May Chuity aborted.Livvy was pregnant. Velvet gave birth to a litter. In June a wild group attacked the burrow, Velvet's litter was killed. In October Velvet was predated. Mussolini took over as dominant female. Shongolongo,Castro,Hansel, VBGM030,Uacari left the group. In 2005 January, three Vivian males,Boba,Tomahawk,Hannibal, join Balrog. Boba takes dominant male from Mbabane. In late February Mussolini gave birth to four pups,Audrey,Bradley,Africa Barbata,Widow Twanky. Then in March she gave birth to three pups, Woody,Twilight,Owlet. In June her younger half sisters Babbalina and Babbelas aborted. In August Mussolini and Babbelas are pregnant. Babbelas gave birth but her litter is killed by Mussolini. Mussolini gave birth to five pups in November, two died. Then in December Mussolini and Babbalina gave birth to a mixed litter of eight pups,Priscilla,Prieka,Calvinia,Leonardo,Michalangelo,Buzzpuzz,Moo Zulu,Wild Kat. Then in January 2006 Babbalina died from disease. In February Mussolini is pregnant and evicted Gretel,Cinders,Mandella. The three females disappeared. In May Mussolini aborted. In October the group had two encounters with the Commandos group. In February Mussolini gave birth to five pups,VBGM058,VBGF059,VBGF060,VBGF061. In April Mussolini,Priscilla,Calvinia are pregnant. Calvinia and Priscilla aborted. Mussolini gave birth to four pups. In late August her son Owlet left the group. In March 2010 her daughter Twilight is pregnant but aborted.

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