Rolo JaXX

Muscle Buffs

Muscle Buffs Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters Mob, Hot Wings Mob, Kung Fu Mob
Date of Birth
August 23 2014
Lauren Ghostbusters (mother) Daryl Ghostbusters (father)
Tex Ghostbusters (brother)

Hi Five Ghostbusters (brother)

Lilly Ghostbusters (sister)
Jane Hot Wings (ex wife) Alexa Kung Fu (wife)
Drake Hot Wings (son)

Starla Kung Fu (daughter)

Mitch Kung Fu (son)
Known For
Fighting Enemy Meerkat Mobs.

 Muscle Buffs Ghostbusters was born at night on August 23 2014 along with his brothers and sister by name Tex Ghostbusters, Hi Five Ghostbusters & Lilly Ghostbusters, they were raise by there mother and father Lauren Ghostbusters & Daryl Ghostbusters. On November 12 2014, muscle buffs joined the Hot Wings Mob and was married to Jane Hot Wings and have one pup named Drake Hot Wings. Later he and jane got divorced and joined an another mob known as the Kung Fu Mob and was married to Alexa Kung Fu and have two pups by name Starla Kung Fu & Mitch Kung Fu.

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