Muffin Kool Kats
Kool Kats, Lemon Drops, Fallen Leaves
Of the Fallen Leaves
Date of Birth
December 2011
Frog and Rover
Cat, Miss Kitty, Hotspot, Chippy, and Tellervo.
No information
Known For
One of the founders of the Lemon Drops and First dominant male of Fallen Leaves.

Muffin (VKKM043) was born December 2011 into the Kool Kats Mob. His mother was Frog and his father was a rover. He has one littermate brother Toes (VKKM042). Both were allowed to live by their grandmother Cheetra. The following month, both pups and Frog left the group with Kitten, Pluto, and Truly Elegant.

Lemon DropsEdit

They formed the Lemon Drops. Pluto was the oldest male (despite being small) and he became the dominant male besides Muffin's aunt Kitten. Later that June, his mother gave birth to two female pups Socks and Mittens. Muffin and Toes survived to adults and began roving. He soon went roving and teamed up with three evicted Hattifatteners females.

Fallen LeavesEdit

They formed the Fallen Leaves. Being the only male, Muffin instantly assumed male dominance alongside Tellervo who was the eldest female. Both Muffin and Tellervo are still the dominant pair of the Fallen Leaves today.

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