Mr.Scruff Elveera

Mr. Scruff

Date of Birth
August 12, 2006
Jo Jo Hello and Habusu
Known for
Quetzal founder


Mr. Scruff (VEM122) was born on August 12, 2006 in the Elveera. His mother was Jo Jo Hello and Habusu. He had on litter-mate named Scrawny(VEF121). Before he was born and before Habusu emigrated into the group Jo Jo Hello had gave birth to Gijima(VEM118), Kangela(VEF119) and Chibuku Scud(VEF120) on March 19, 2006. His mother later gave birth to VEP123 but the pup later died. Mr. Scruff and his sister made it to adulthood. His mother died in June 2009 and his father disappeared. His older half sister Chibuku Scud took dominance alongside with Teabag. Mr. Scruff went roving with his uncle Ash and half brother Gijima.

Chuckle BrosEdit

Mr. Scruff now was classified as Chuckle Bros member with Ash and Gijima. The Chuckle Bros is a term used for roving males no longer attached to a breeding group. This is for permanent rovers. There is no females in the Chuckle Bros since females don't rove. A group needs a dominant female to be considered a new mob. Mr. Scruff is roving with Gijima and Ash. They are the last of the Elveera and hopefully they will emigrate into a KMP mob soon. Mr. Scruff is the youngest of the males so it is unlikely he will take dominance in another group. Ash is the oldest followed by Gijima and then Mr. Scruff. They disappeared and then reappeared on January 14, 2010 in a new group.


The new group was the Quetzals. The group was found in an encounter with the Sequioa.In the enw mob was Ash, Gijima, Mr. Scuff and evivted females Flo, Chole, Juani, Tortilla and Troy. Flo and Ash took dominance of the new group. Chole gave brith in Janaury whiel Juani gave birth in February. Mr. Scruff mgith have fathered one fo these litters. Flo gave birth in April to three pups. Mr. Scuff is still in the group today.


Mother: Jo Jo Hello

Father: Habusu

Sister: Scrawny


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Chuckle Bros Mob

Quetzals Mob

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