Mr. Jack Kool Kats

Mr. Jack Kool Kats

Yes of the Lions
Date of Birth
First Seen: January 1, 2010
Unknown: First seen with Sopts and Pups
Cheetra and VLIF001
VLIP004, VLIP005, VLIP006 and VLIP007
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Kool Kat and Lions

Kool KatsEdit

Mr. Jack(VKKM003) was first seen as the dominant male in the Kool Kats group. He wa sfirst seen on September 1, 2010. His mate was Cheetra the dominant female. The other members were female Amari and males Pups and Spots. Then Vince joined the group and mated with Cheetra. Mr. Jack may have been a natal dominant male. Vince became the dominant male of the Kool Kats. Mr. Jack lived as a suborinate male from then on. He started to rove. In August three wild females were seen near the Kool Kats. Mr. Jack and Pups went roving and disappared.


They were soon discovered to have joined the three wild females and formed the Lions Mob. Mr. Jack had another shot as being a dominant male. He easily won dominance over Pups. VLIF001 became the dominant female. On November 13, 2010 VLIF001 gave birth to three pups. Mr. Jack is still the dominant male of the Lions today.


Kool Kats Mob

Cheetra Kool Kats

Vince JaXX                                     

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