Mr. Burns(VWMM028) was born September 8, 2000 in the Whiskers. His mother was Holly[1]and his father was
. His litter-mates were MontgomeryVWM027) and Smithers. when he was born another female named Artemis was pregnant, however she did not attempt to kill the little pups an she too gave birth to her litter, sadly his mother Holly was predated 11 days later after they born, his father left the group soon after to form QQ mob but returned, however he soon died for uknown reason, his older cousin and half sister Risca took dominance but only for a few months, his older sister Viali overthrown her and taking dominance along with a Vivian male named Zaphod, Viali was predated in 2002 and Flower, Mr.Burns other sister take dominance, his litter mate sister Smithers mated with a rover and became pregnant, however her litter was lost, Smithers was evicted by Flower along with other females and they form Asphodel, he soon left the group along with his brother Montgomery, they soon found a group of five wild females.


The males stayed with the females and formed a new group called Donuts, he became the dominant male along with one of the females, probably VDNF001, because he was seen mating with her, she gave birth to 1 sucesfull litter, soon all the females became pregnant and gave birth to a mixed litter of 8 pups, Mr.Burns probably fathered one or two of the litters, soon after this Mr,Burns litter mate brother Montgomery overthrown him, but he only fathered one litter and was overthrown again by Mr.Burns, after this a group of wild meerkats joined the group, the females keep producing pups, he was seen mating with some females, so obviously he fathered the most of the litters, he was dominant male till August 2003, when he was overthrown again by his brother Montgomery, but only for 2 months and he reasumed dominant male position, he became a great dominant, in January 2005 he was overhrown again by his brother, but in June he overthrown his brother and evict him, he was finally without competition, however in July the group splinted and he stayed in the main group as the dominant male. he was seen mating with VDNF005 before his body was found days later after the splinter, its unknown his cause of death, his possible son VDNM050 became the dominant male, however the group left the monitoreated area days later, the splinter group was founded and renamed Jenet.


Mother: Holly Young Ones

Father: Argon Lazuli

Brother: Montgomery Whiskers

Sister: Smithers Whiskers

Mates: VDNF001, VDNF005 and maybe the remaining Donuts females

Children: maybe VDNM050 and other Donuts pups confirmed: VDNF001 and VDNF005 litters

Grandmothers: Morgause Avatar and Ziziphus Avatar

Grandfather: Keros Drie Doring and Belgarion Lazuli

Great Grand Mothers: Venus Avatar and Mabili Drie Doring

Great Grand Fathers: Marz Avatar and Mad Max Drie Doring


Whiskers Mob

Smithers Whiskers

Holly Young Ones

Argon Lazuli

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