Mozart Whiskers

Mozart Whiskers

Formally of the Leprechaun
Date of Birth
November 6, 2002
Flower and Zaphod
Einstein, Freud and Shakespeare
JD, Stinker and Drew
Known for
Dominant Female of the Leprechaun

Whiskers Edit

Mozart was born on November 8, 2002. Her mother was Flower and and her father was Zaphod. Her littermates were Shakespeare, Einstein and Freud. She was among the second litter born in the Whiskers to matriarch Flower. Mozart and her siblings survive to adulthood. When Mozart was two years olde she mated with JD. Mozart gave birth to Tina Sparkle, Spud, VWF077 on September 27, 2004. Her pup died a little later on. Mozart was often evicted from the group but she managed to get back in. Mozart gave birth to Wollow, Miss Lilly The Pink, Ju Drop and Karim on February 24, 2006. This litter was very successful since all of the meerkats became dominance at some point. Mozart was evicted with her sisters Kinkaju, Armanita Ditch and neice De La Soul. They temaed up with JD, Shoy and Shady to form the Starsky.


The group was small, numbering seven members. Dominant male position was taken by JD. Mozart was the oldest female in the group but she lost dominance to Kinkaju. Kinkaju gave birth to the first litter of pups. Mozart was back to beeing a babysitter. She stayed in the Starsky as a subordinate for a year then she was evicted with Armanita Ditch and De La Soul. They soon teamed with with two Commandos maled named Drew and Wilson. They formed a new group called Leprechaun.


Without her dominanating sister Kinkaju, Mozart was able to wind dominance of the new group. Drew took male dominance beside her. Mozart first litter came on January 24, 2008. She gave birth to Prowler, Hunter, Pounceand Mange. Then she gave birth to Piggy and Kermit. Then her third litter was born on September 6, 2008. The pups were Twit, Olly, Bamperand Hefagus. Armanita Ditch gave birth to 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel on November 26, 2008. Mozart gave birth on March 23, 2009 to Harry, Hermione and Ron. Her last litter was born on July 27, 2009. Mozart gave birth to Shrek and Fion. Then she was bitten by a snake but survived. She was predated by a Bird of Prey on September 16, 2009. Mange from her first litter took dominance.

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