Moomintroll Moomins
Moomins, Hattifatteners
Formerly of the Hattifatteners.
Date of Birth
December 2, 2002
Sleepy and Cassia
Little My, Snufkin, The Dweller Under the Sink, Sniff, Fillyjonks
Moony, Beetle, and Tuonela
Kuu Hattifatteners, Kave Hattifatteners, etc.
Known For
Being in the First Moomin Litter and first dominant male of Hattifatteners.

Moomintroll (VMMM001) was born in the Moomins Mob on December 2, 2002. His mother was Sleepy and his father was most likely Cassia. His littermates were two sisters Little My (VMMF006), Fillyjonks (VMMF002) and The Dweller Under the Sink (VMMP005) and two brothers named Snufkin (VMMM003) and Sniff (VMMM004). They were the first ever litter born in the Moomins. However, his parents were not the dominant pair of the group. In May 2003, The Dweller Under the Sink was predated. In November 2003 his father Cassia went roving and was last seen and the following month his mother Sleepy was evicted, aborted her litter, and was predated. Moomintroll helped out with raising the pups until he was old enough to start roving. Then in January 2005 Moomintroll and Snufkin went roving and disapeared.

Hattifatteners[edit | edit source]

Snufkin and Moomintroll

Both were seen the following month in a wild group believe to be a splinter group that later became the Hattifatteners. Moomintroll won dominance over his littermate and was the acting dominant male beside the dominant female Moony. However after being discovered and habituated in February 2005 Moony was found dead in a bolt hole and her youngest sister Beetle took power for only three weeks before Moony's littermate Tuonela ousted her and both she and Moomintroll became the long term dominant pair until Moomintroll was seperated in July 2007 and found to have died from TB. His group began to suffer as Tuonela wasn't able to find a new breeding male and prevented her daughters from having pups.

The group shrank to nine at Tuonela's death and was nearly lost until his oldest daughter Debauched ousted her cousin and three males joined the group.

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