Monera Puff Adders

Monera Puff Adders

Formerly of the Lemurs
Date of Birth
June 15, 2009
Fluna and Rudy
Venom and Acid
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Lemurs

Puff AddersEdit

Monera(VPAF008) was born in the Puff Adders on June 2009. Her mother was Fluna and her father was Rudy the dominant couple of the Puff Adders. She was born with two brothers Acid(VPAM006) and Venom(VPAM007). They were the first pups born ever in the Puff Adders. The group was a small mob with only five adults and two juvinels meerkats. Despite their small size the Puff Adders were able to bring the litter through. Monera and her brothers soon reach adulthood. Monera started to help out with the pups and keep a sety post while the group was out foraging. Sadly Monera's mother Fluna died and Popple became the new dominant female. Rudy had died as well and Pumplemouse became the natal dominant male. Monera's brothers soon left the group to rove and some new males joined the group. In June 2011 when Monera was two years old, she was evicted from the group along with Germ and Bacteria and left the group for good.


The three evicted females soon met up with five rovers and established a new mob known as the Lemurs Mob. Monera was the oldest of the females so she became the dominant female. One of the males named BJ became the dominant male and her mate. Monera soon became pregnant aand gave birth to Josephine, Melton, Peg Leg and Flame on September 12, 2011. This was her first litter ever and all four pups survived. Bacteria gave birth to a litter December. On February 23, 2012 Monera gave birth to Dax, Nika, Li Mei and VLRM011. Sadly VLRM011 was soon predated. Germ then gave birth to a litter in April but only two of the pups survived. On October 22, 2012 Monera gave birth to Fumble, Bumble and Stumble and Tumble. Then in December, BJ was found dead and Melton took up dominance in the absence of none-unrelated males. Monera was pregnant but aborted the litter. She remained the dominant female for a few months but died on March, 26, 2012. Her daughter Flame assumed dominant after her.


Puff Adders Mob

Lemurs Mob

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