Misty Hobbits

Misty Hobbits

Date of Birth
June 12, 2005
Homestar Runner
Cloudy, Frost, Windy and Sunny
Known For
Born in Echo's first litter


Misty(XHF004) was born in the Hobbits Mob on June 12, 2005. Her mother was the dominant female Echo and her father was the dominant male Shakespeare. She was born in the first litter ever in the Hobbits. She was born in a litter os six pups. Her litter-mates were her three sisters Dusty(XHF002) and Pixie(XHF006) and her three brothers Hamlet(XHM001), Leer(XHM003) and Othello(XHM005). All six pups survived to adulthood. Echo gave birth to a new litter on October 31, 2005 to Sinbad, Renegade, Zombie, Charcoal and Vulture. Echo kept producing litters and now Misty began to babysit and take sentry. Echo was bitten by a snake but survived. October 25, 2006 Misty gave birth to Cloudy, Windy, Sunny and Frosty. They were her first litter ever. Then on June 18, 2007 Dusty gave birth to Dawn, Dusky and Knight while Pixie gave birth to Romeo and Juliet. Misty is still in the Hobbits today.


Mother: Echo

Father: Shakespeare

Sisters: Dusty and Pixie

Brothers: Hamlet, Lear and Otthello

Duaghters: Frosty and Windy

Sons: Cloudy and Sunny

Mate: Homestar Runner


Hobbits Mob

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