Mist Drie Doring

Mist Drie Doring

Yes of the Drie Doring
Date of Birth
May 3, 2007
Makonkie and Osprey
Thor Drie Doring
The Dread Pirate Roberts Drie Doring, Captain Planet Drie Doring, Commander Keen Drie Doring, Spaceman Spiff Drie Doring, Buttercup Drie Doring, Fezzik Drie Doring, Utopia Drie Doring, Boetie Drie Doring, Sebeto Drie Doring, Uranus Drie Doring, Sereina Drie Doring, Selena Drie Doring, Ursli Drie Doring, Madleina Drie Doring etc…etc…
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Drie Doring

Mist(VDF025) was born in the Drie Doring Mob with two litter-mates, her brothers Thor(VDM024) and Loki(VDM023) on May 3, 2007. Her mother was Makonkie and her father was Osprey.They were Makomkie and Osprey's first litter born in the Drie Doring. Mist and her brothers survived life in the group. She lived most of her first part of life as a subordinate female. Mist mated with a Frisky male named Bramley. She gave birth on September 18, 2008 to Captain Planet, Commander Keen, Spaceman Spiff and The Dread Pirate Roberts. Her mother died a year later. Mist was by then the oldest female in the group. Her aunts and cousins have been evicted and left the group. Mist took over as dominant female. Her older cousin Finn MacCool took over as dominant male after Osprey died. Mist mated with Bramley again but he was unable to join the group because of her brothers and cousin. Mist gave birth to Buttercup and Fezzik on Dcember 30, 2008. Mist gave birth again to Utopia, Boetie, Sebeto and Uranus on March 25, 2009 after mating with Bramley again. Finn McCool was soon over thrown by her litter-mate brother Thor. She and Thor became the dominant pair but he left with Loki and younger brother Damin to rove and joined some females to form a new group. Mist mated with Branley and gave birth to Sereina, Salina, Ursli and Medleina November 29, 2009. Finn MacCool took over as dominant male again but only for two months. Finn MacCool went roving soon after along with The Dread Pirate Roberts and Captain Planet. The day the males joined Mist was seen mating with Bramley. With all the adult males gone Bramley joined the group and became the dominant male. She became pregnant and gave birth to VDM147, Fingal and Tobermory in August 2010. In December 2010 Mist gave birth to Jesus Christ, Mohanned, Lucifer and Kenza. Her son Lucifer was born with orange fur instead of brown fur like most meerkats. Mist started to evict the oldest females from the group and several dispersed to form new groups. The Frisky rovers conitued to appear at the Drie Doring and Mist was pregnant again and gave birth to Wiley, Saorise, Yallah and Milk in February 2011. Mist gave birth to Tiger, Patch and Cookiecutter in February 2012.  Patch was also a special meerkat born with a dark brown patch of fur over her eye. Then in May 2012 Mist's old flame Bramley finally joined the group by himself and establsihed dominance. Mist's success with litters came to a holt due to a drought but when the rainy season came again Mist soon got pregnant. In October 2012, Mist gave birth to VDP0164, VDP165 and VDP166. She and Bramley are still the dominant pair today.


Drie Doring Mob

Bramley Frisky

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