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Life in the AztecsEdit

Minnie(VACF014) was born on 21st January 2008 in the Aztecs Mob. Her mother is Mankulus. Minnie was born in a litter of 2 pups only. Her litter-mate was her sister Mimi. The litter survived. When Minnie was 5 months old, the Aztecs grew to maximum of 25 members, one of successful groups since its formation in 2007. The Aztecs encounter the Geckos Mob but hold on to their territory. Minnie turned 1 year and 8 months is when she and another female, Fifi, mated with roving males and both got pregnant for the first time. Minnie was pregnant for the first time. Her mother Mankulus recently had a new litter. Fifi aborted her litter by coming weeks. Minnie gave birth to her litter, but her pups most certainly died underground. By October, she was pregnant again. Minnie was evicted from the group by Mankulus but returned and probably aborted her litter. She is still currently in the Aztecs group. Minnie is currently 22 months old and one of the older subordinate females.

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