Millie JaXX

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Yes of the Cheetah
Date of Birth
May 11, 2008
Papillon and Sid Vicious
VCHP005, VCHP006 and VCHP007
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Cheetah

JaXX[edit | edit source]

Millie(VJXF002) was born in the JaXX mob on May 11, 2008. Her mother was Papillon and her father was Sid Vicious. She was born with one litter-mates named Spike(VJXM001). Her mother wasn't the dominant but Diana was with Sid Visious but he was over thrown by Vince a wild male. They survived to adutlhood. Diana kept producing litters. Soon Spike began to rove at other groups. He left the group with Vince, Karhaan and Boost. They were Last Seen in May 2009 but this wan't lost.Millie remained in the group longer. Papilon disappeared soon after. Millie became the oldest female under Dinana and was often evicted. Millie was evicted with Dikkop and Snickers in May of 2010.

Cheetah[edit | edit source]

They were soon joined by five Van Helsing males Hoki-Tu, Mr.Jacky, Cecil, Mrueger and Manson. The new group was called the Cheetah Mob. Millie was the oldest females so she became the dominant female of the group. Hoki-Tu became the dominant male and her mate. Millie lost her litter to Snickers who agve birth to four pups. Millie later gave birth to three pups in August. Millie and Hoku-Tu are still the dominant pair of the Cheetah today.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Papillon

Father: Sid Vicious

Brother: Spike

Mate: Hoki-Tu

Children: VCHP005, VCHP006 and VCHP007

Links[edit | edit source]

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