Milla Zappa
Birth Date
September 21,2008
Death Date
N/A still alive
Death Cause
N/A still alive
VZPM075, VZPF076, VZPMF077, VZPM078, VZPP082, VZPP083 etc etc
Known for
Dominant female of Zappa

Milla was born on September 21,2008 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was Lola. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Dirty Harry and Dirty Sanchez and her sister Katesa. Her father may have been Gluffs, the dominant male at that time. Her mother Lola was the dominant female at that time.Then in October Punk and Seo Lili were pregnant. Both lost their litters. In January 2009 Lola was bitten by a puff adder snake. Punk took over as dominant female. LOla lost dominance to her younger sister Punk. Then in April Punk gave birth to four pups. In June two wild males joined the group.The wild males wre Dougal and Withnail. In July Punk,Lola,Seo Lili were pregnant. Lola gave birth but her litter was killed as well as Seo Lili's. Punk evicted Lola and Seo Lili from the group. Lola disappeared. Seo Lili was predated. Ounk gave birth to three pups. In September the group encountered Frisky and Rascals. Then in November Milla and Punk were pregnant. Milla aborted her litter. Punk lost her litter and was predated in In late November 2009. In December Milla took over as dominant male. Gluffs disappeared. Dougal, one of the wild males, took over as dominant male. In January 2010 both Milla and Katesa were pregnant. Katesa gave birth but her litter was killed by Milla. Milla gave birth to four pups,VZPM075,VZPF076,VZPF077,VZPM078. In February Katesa gave birth to three pups. Then in April Milla gave birth to three pups, VZPP082,VZPP083,VZPP084.

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