Midgit Moomins

Midgit Moomins

Yes of the Emons
Date of Birth
May 16,2010
Blist and Al Catraz
Little Thing, Dwarf and Gaitn
VEMF008, VEMF009 and VEMM010
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Emons


Midgit(VMMF072) was born on May 16, 2010 in the Moomins Mob. Her mother was Blist and her father was Al Catraz. Her litter-mates were Little Thing(VMMF073), Dwarf(VMMF074) and Giant(VMMM075). The pups were Blist first litter ever. All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Moomins were a flairly good size group so Midgit and her siblings had a good chance at survival. In November 2010 her mother Blist gave birth to Rosolon, Platias, Gropple and Fen. By then Midgit was five months old so she could care for herself but was not old enough to help her mother with the new pups. The following month Al Catraz was killed by a jackal leaving the dominant male position open. That same month three females left the group after being evicted. In Jauanry 2011, Blist was also predated by a hawk leaving Midgit's older cousin Eureka as the new dominant female. Three Baobab males joined the group, one was Mumbulu who became the new dominant male. Things returned to normal within the Moomins and Midgit reach her first birthday. However in July The group encountered the Urukhai Mob and during the confrontation, Midgit became seperated from the group along with her juvenile sister Fen. The two females wondered arounf looking for the Moomins but they were succusseful. For three days the two females spent their time alone till they by chance came across three wild meerkats.


The group was called the Emons Mob. The three wild meerkats were one female VEMF002 and two males VEMM001 and VEMM003. The group established a small territorty in-between the larger mobs. VEMM001 became the dominant male while the females competed for dominance. At first the wild female VEMF002 assumed the role of dominant female. Fen gave birth on November 2, 2011 to VEMM004, VEMM005, VEMF006 and VEMM007, while VEMF002 lost her litters to a wild mob. After she lost her litter, Midgit overthrew VEMF002 and established dominance. She was pregnant as well at the time but aborted the litter soon after taking dominance. Midgit became pregnant and gave birth on March 28, 2012 to VEMP008, VEMP009 and VEMP010. Midgit is still the dominant female of the Emons today.


Moomins Mob

Emons Mob

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