Meg, the dominant female of the Gorillas

Meg(VWYF005) was first seen in March 2009 in a group that was later called the Whiskey. Meg was one of three wild females that helped form the group. Meg fought Cara for the role of dominant female for two weeks until Cara beaten her and took the role of dominant female. Arthur became the dominant male in the next month. Meg gave birth to her first litter of pups Braniy, Kevin and Martin on May 15, 2009. Since Cara wasn't pregnant at the time, she allowed Meg to stay in the group. In the next month Cara evicted her from the group but she ended up aborting the litter and allowed her back into the group. She ended up being evicted again along with Amy by Cara who was pregnant again with pups. Both evicted females were allowed back into the group the next month. Meg was evicted again from the group in December 2009 by Cara who was again pregnant with pups. Cara gave birth to three pups in January 2010 but Meg was still evicted. She was declared absent at the end of the month by the WMP. She rejoined the group in early February 2010. Meg was evicted a lot by Cara. In August 2010 Meg gave birth to another litter of pups but they were killed by Cara who was also pregnant. Cara evicted Meg, Amy and Franny from the group. The three evicted soon came across three Cobras males.

Gorilla Mob[edit | edit source]

The new group was soon called the Gorilla Mob by the WMP and was beginning to be followed. Meg became the dominant female after fighting with Amy for a week. Indiana Jones was the oldest of the males and so took male dominance without any trouble. Franny was the first one to give birth but Meg killed her litter and gave birth to Woody, Sue, Jenny and Ben on November 12, 2010. In October 2011 she was pregnant again and evicted Amy and Franny but she ended up aborting the litter. Meg is still the dominant female today.

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